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It wasn't the first time the soldier dropped an enemy in a fire fight but that was the first time he could see the look on his face as he shot him and it left him a little more shaken than he would've liked.
A long moment hung in the air along with the lingering smell of the burnt powder from all of the shooting when he realized that he'd better make a friendly gesture to the women standing before him.
The one who smashed the Russian was a little out of breath from the experience and still looking down on her victim but the one with the AK-74 gave him a steady gaze and appeared to be waiting for the soldier to do or say something more.
The soldier switched the selector on his M4 to "safe" with a soft "click" of its mechanism and raised the rifle muzzle up and showed her the palm of his off hand.
"I don't speak Polish." He said to her.
She blinked once and turned to her companion and said something softly to her in their language and put a hand on her shoulder.
The other girl nodded and inhaled deeply through her nose as she took in the soldier.
"Mine Engleesh is nothing good but much thanks for the safety you give us" she struggled to get the words out and gain her composure.
The woman with the AK said something else in Polish and drew the attention of the other girl making her look around them nervously.
Then she turned back to the soldier, "All of us go...the gun..." she pointed at her ears and then waved a hand around them.
The one with the AK beckoned the soldier and began to move off.
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