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The Soldier couldn't walk anymore, at least not for a few minutes anyway. He finally stopped in his tracks, plopping down behind a burned out hulk of a civilian sedan, taking no mind to the charred body nearby. Taking off his ruck, the Soldier noted at how badly sweat soaked the pack was. He grimaced in pain, groaning lowly as he worked out the kinks in his back.

He took a few steps over to a dug out area of ground. He was in a sunken part of the road, the sides of it higher on each side. Washouts and overgrowth were all along the dirt walls, he saw, providing plenty of concealment. The map he had in his hands had not been updated since the ambushes, but they still made for a good guide to getting out of this hell. He traced his finger along the road he was on. A small village was marked as being a good 5 kilometers away, 6 grids or so north.

He sighed to himself as he brought his feet in, and knees up to help stretch his hip flexing muscles. He looked at his boots, the black leather long since polished or brushed. His BDUs were sweaty, and oily, small blood stains here and there as well. All this aside, the man looked at the weapon in his lap. The M4 was far from unkempt. It was his life, the only sustaining thing that kept his heart beating from day to day. Its vital action parts were kept lubed, and dirt free.

He adjusted the tactical sling about his neck and shoulders before taking a long awaited drink from his canteen. He remembered it was running low, so he maintained conservative with his water.
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