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The blonde polish girl who had just smashed the head of the russian soldier with a chunk of rubble dropped down and picked up the other AK-74 its smashed night vision device looked bent and distorted. As she stooped beside the body of its owner with the blown off face. She plucked magazines from his pouches took his canteen and several other items the soldier could not see. He glanced back to the darker haired girl and he could see the white of her teeth in failing light. "we all save our lives, we must go" as she pointed the muzzle of the AK-74 to the ground she said something to the blonde girl in polish who had finished plundering the bodies of the dead russians. She Stood up and started moving forward. The dark haired girl said firmly but pleasantly " Mine name is Brygida and she Anka." She motion for the soldier to follow them. The Soldier instictively followed the two young women without hesitation in the darkness. The small group moved forward into the village.
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