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The young women moved swiftly into the village passing empty buildings damaged cars and rubble. Several of the building looked as if they had been burned some time ago. They hurried down a cobble stone street to a large stone building. It was hard for the soldier to see exactly were he was going in the darkness but he followed the two gray clad female figures. They went into the open door of the large buiding and whisked him through seveal narrow corridors at the end of the corridor there was a barricade of pilled boards and trash. Anka knelt down and lifted some of the debris. He could hear the boards scraping the stone floor and a creaking sound as she lifted a small trap door in the floor. The room was almost completely dark until Brygida struck wooden match. The yellow glow and smell of sulfer made the soldier remember his Grandfathers how he lit his wood stove. Anka reached into the trap door and pulled out a oil lamp made from a old food can. Brygida leaned over and lit the small stub of wick protruding from its top and she placed her small hand on the soldier arm. "we go down" she said as she pointed to the trap door. Anka carefully manuevered the lamp as she climbed into the small hole in the floor. "now you go" Brygida said motioning to the trap door. The soldier removed his pack and sat it on the floor. His heart still pounding with adrenalin and he looked into the hole. He could see the round cheeks of the blonde haired Anka in the glow of the lamp below him in hole. She held her arm up a sign for him to lower the pack. He picked the heavy pack up and lowered it thru the trap door. She grabbed a hold of one of its straps and he realeased his grasp on it. Brygida crouched and pushed him forward to the edge of the hole. ". go in hole, I close it." The soldier stepped in unsure of what to step on, he felt his foot hit the round rung of an old ladder it creaked under his weight. Imediatly the smell of soot and dust entered his nose as he stepped further down the ladder feeling the give of each one of the ancient rungs. As he went further into the hole the yellow glow of the lamp light grew soft and inviting clearing away the gloom. The flame flickered and leaned on the stub of wick and small twirls of black smoked curled skyward he looked back up the ladder to the hole in the ceiling he could see the booted feet of Brygida as she entered the hole. He continued down the ladder estimating it was about 15 feet to the floor of the room. The ladder creaked and he held onto his rifle with one hand and with the other felt the smooth wood of the ladder. Finally he felt his foot touch the solid stone floor. The trap door closed with a clunk and Brygida carefully climbed down the ladder the AK-74 slung across her back. The Soldier stepped out of the way she she touched down on the stone floor, he was but a few inches from her he stepped back and she turned around.

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