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The soldier and Brygida stood face to face for a moment he could see her round feminine face in the yellow glow of the lamp light, it was marked with dirt and grime mostly on her fore head and cheeks. Anka lit an additional lamp witch sputtered and glowed in the corner. Feeling a little shy and still confused from the suden fire fight the soldier looked around the small room. The floor was flat stone there was a small make shift bed in the corner of the room. Nothing more than a pile of straw with several blankets laid on top of it. A battered pot and a small home made stove was in the center of the room. The soldier had noticed some wood shelves when he climbed down the ladder and as he turned to look over his shoulder he saw many dusty green and black bottles stacked in these racks, it was suddenly clear to him that they were in an old wine cellar. He turned back around to see the smiling face of Brygida staring at him. Anka began to kindle a small fire in the home made stove. There was also hole in the wall to the left near were the stove was built. A steady draft pulled what little smoke was generated into the hole and to some other part of the ancient cellar. "You welcome to our home, are you not hurt?" questioned the dark haired Brygida. "Thank you for your help and no I am not hurt." Said the soldier fairly quietly. Anka placed the battered pot on the small stove and filled it with water from the captured russian canteen. The soldiers pack was on the floor near the ladder. He reached down to pick it up and he stepped forward and placed it in the corner. "Sit down meester take off your boot" Brygida instructed him. The soldier sat on the makeshift bed all of his muscles cried in anquish from the long days of walking and the almost total lack of food. He reached down and untied the laces of his scuffed and worn boots. Anka places a two handfulls of brown powder into the pot as it began to boil and steam. She sat down next to the soldier she said something in polish to Brygida "you want Papieros?" As she brought two fingers to her full lips. Anka removed a crumpled pack of russian ciggarettes from inside of her grey tunic. She held a slightly bent but thick ciggarette in her outstretched fingers. The soldier accepted it and placed it in his mouth. It was strange and hollow like a tube at the back and quite long. Brigida brought the oil lamp from the corner over to the soldier and touched it to the end of the cigarette. It glowed orange in the half light as the soldier inhaled and bluish gray smoke rolled off from it.
"ive never smoked one of these before" he said with a chuckle..Anka grinned not under standing what he said but reading the first smile to cross his face. Brygida replaced the lamp and leaned her new AK-74 against the wall. Its reddish orange bakelite magazine protuding from its underside looked warm in the lamp light. Anka's rifle was on the makeshift bed and she picked it up and placed it next to Brygida. The damadged night vision device and triangular folding stock stood out in comparison to the other rifle next too it. Both of the young women settled down next to the soldier on the makeshift bed and Anka encouraged the solider to pass the ciggarette to her. He handed it to her and she put it to her slender lips and took a drag.
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