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The soldier realized that he was holding his M4 across his lap while he sat between the two young women. He had held it close to him for so many days it would feel strange to set it aside. He could hardly believe that he was inside of an actual building and was able to forget for a moment that he was thousands of miles from home, hungry lost and unsure of what to do next. He looked at his female hosts and smiled. "Thank you, I forgot to tell you my name." he paused for a moment feeling exhausted and out of place. But before he could say his name Brygida said "Drink some tea" she left her seat on the makeshift bed next to the soldier and picked up a small rag. She removed the battered pot from the homemade stove and poured off three cups of tea into very old white porcelain china cups. She handed him one cup and one to Anka who took it carefully. The dark black brew had been boiling and the delicate but stained cup was very hot to the touch. The soldier held it in his palms this being the first warm drink he had held in weeks. He raised the tea cup to his lips and carefully blew onto the hot liquid which smelled strong. He began to sip the tea quietly as did his female compatriots. The room was uncomfortably quiet for a few moments when Brygida began to question him " What you do here American?" she hesistated and tried again "why you here alone?" The soldier considered the question while sipping the tea for a moment. " I was cut off from my platoon, we where enroute to the village and we got ambushed by a larger group of Ruski's" he paused considered the fact he had no idea where any of the members of his platoon were or if they were even alive. Brygidas face grew somber and she began to speak " you get lost in forest?" The soldier took a drink from the cup. "yes I was lost and had to avoid many enemy soliders. I finally found my way to the village after walking in circles." he paused "I thought it might be abandoned until I saw you two and then then Ivan." Brygida looked curiously at him Anka grabbed her hand and said somethin in polish. Brygida spoke to her in Polish translating to her what the Soldier had said. She looked back t the soldier after speaking to Anka. "Why you come to our village?" The looked into her eyes. "we heard the a small group of ruski's were holding up here, but I think our intel was compromised it actually led us into an ambush several klicks outside of the ville." Brygida looked down before speaking " We hear gun shot a few days ago, we scared so we hide no wanting russian pigs to find us." "we must sleep, I show you things tommorow" with that she finished her tea as did the soldier Anka took the cups and sat them on the shelf the young women removed there scuffed helmets and removed there boots. ANka removed several items from her gray tunic and sat them on floor next to the makeshift straw bed. The soldier stood up and went over to his pack cautiously her laid his m4 in the corner near the pack and removed his bed roll laying it out on the stone floor. The two polish women spoke to each other for a few moments while he did this. He removed his boots for the first time in many days and his feet felt like they were going to fall off.. He removed his cover and sat it next to his M4. His back and leg muscles burned and screamed with pain and he felt so tired that he might faint. He laid on the bed roll still wearing his BDU's and fell imediatly asleep from exhaustion.
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