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It took the soldier a second or two to make out what Anka was pointing at. Then he recognized a GAZ truck - or part of one, at least. Only the front quarter was visible under a mass of rubble that had fallen onto it. It seems the vehicle had been parked in front of what had been the largest building in town. The three-story front wall had come down squarely on the truck leaving a crushed shell under tons of concrete.

Anka led the way around to the back of the truck. It was just visible under the mass of rubble. Anka and Brygida moved in closer. "Look," said the brunette, pointing into the rubble. The soldier moved up and peered through a crack. It took his eyes a little time to adjust to the lack of light inside, but then he saw it; he was looking into the back of the truck. There was room inside, barely enough for a person, and several shapes the size of ammo boxes were on the deck. He turned back to find the two women had put aside their weapons and were hefting pieces of rebar. "We tried, not strong," said Brygida. "Now you help." Why not, he thought.

Together, they pried at slabs of concrete, trying to find one that could allow them entry into the bed. It took several minutes, and all their combined strength (of which he had the most, of course), but eventually they levered a piece aside. Anka looked in, and rolled down her sleeves, saying something. "She fit in," Brygida translated the intention. That said, the small woman began to squeeze into the hole. She disappeared inside, wriggling out of sight.

A few seconds later, a muffled piece of Polish could be heard. Brygida replied, and then said "She need help." With that, the second Pole squirmed into the hole. She only got in half-way, then pulled back out, dragging on the rope handle of an ammo-style crate. The soldier helped her extract it from the rubble. Brygida smiled at their success, and went back in for another.

Then it happened. There was a crack, and a rumble. Pieces of rubble shifted, and there was a smothered scream. Brygida's legs tensed and then fell limp. Silence.

It had all happened so fast. Something had moved, and the top of the rubble had sunk. The soldier looked on in stunned silence as Brygida's left leg twitched. He looked down at the box near his feet, and then back at the pile of rubble that (mostly) entombed the two women. He was once again...

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