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Damn". The soldier whispered under his breath."Just my luck" .Two young girls all alone on a fine evening -well apart from him being thousands of miles from home ,hungry,thirsty and sore footed, it was a fine evening .And what do you know ? Typically some brute shows up and starts barking unpleasantries.

The girls had their hands up by now and both looked clearly frightened as far as he could see in the fading light.Both of them stepped shakily over the debris as one of the soldiers briskly motioned with his rifle for them to approach.

Both girls dropped to their knees side by side in front of one of the soldiers as he waved the muzzle in front of them to do so.He spoke again in Polish and both girls frantically shook their heads.

Meanwhile the other soldier stalked a path around the trio ,AK-74 in shoulder ,carefully scanning the environs.The bulky nightvision equipment on the weapon partially blocking out the view of his face.

"And damn it again.." the Soldier muttered under his breath.From his position behind the pile of debris he had cover only in the direction the russian soldier was right now.If he moved on further out to the right, he would be able to look straight in behind the pile and see him.

Blood rushed through his veins and his heart pumped like a drum as the realization struck.In just a few seconds he would be spotted and shooting would start.God only knew who else would hear the gunshots if he opened up first.His knuckles whitened as the grip on the M4 thigthened .The terror raced like electrical shocks through the nerve system.Before him the Russian soldier had moved a few meters on , and slowly swept his rifle in an arc that would pass over his position in mere moments .For some reason the image of his drill seargent screaming angrily at him at a hot and dusty rifle range flashed through his mind .." youdirtylowdownuselesspieceofshit.." The Soldier could almost feel the droplets of spittle on his skin where the seargent had emphasised . Pictures of mangled bodies and gunshot wounds they had showed him during combat first aid training paraded in front of his eyes at insanly rapid intervals.

"OY! Ruki u vis!!" The coarse Russian command barked at him made him twitch so violently that his knees actually left the ground by inches.The Russian that had swept the area had crouched in an aggressive firing stance covering him with the AK.
"Ruki u vis ili ja istrajano Polski Svinja!!".The Soldier suddenly realized that the debris shielded his M4 from view from the Russian soldiers position .Maybe they though he wasnt armed.He would be damned if he was going to give him self up to these two dirty looking bastards.

Over by the girls the other Russian had moved a few paces forward and called out to his companion and hefted his AK at the same time.The soldier covering him turned his head to his patner just a split second upon hearing the yell.

"Shiiiiittt!!!" The Soldier quickly brought his M4 up and drew a bead on the closer of the two Russians. The movement caught the Russians eye and he fired instantly without putting his eye to the sights again.


Strangly muffled, the snapping sounds of the AK shots rang out .Impacts in the debris around him sprayed him with puffs of dust and woodsplinters as he squeezed the trigger.


The M4 barked its dry little bark as he fired two short bursts .The metallic TWANG! of the recoilsprings chimed in his ear.

Luck was on his side and over the frontsights he saw the Russian stagger back ,stiffen and twitch before he keeled over and thumped down in the dirt.His dead fingers still twitched on the AK-trigger and several rounds went of into the ground .Both bullets that had hit him had got him in the face.One hitting the sight on his AK first,driving pieces of glass and metal into his face before smashing his teeth and lower jaw into a gruesome pulp of flesh and bone.
The other hit him right over the right ear blowing a piece of skull and scalp several meters into the air in a gory spray.

5.45mm bullets struck the heap of planks in his little pile of cover.The other Russian let a continous and prolonged barrage of single shots hail down on his position.
The Soldier cringed behind the precarious cover and made him self as small as possible .The high pitched screams and yells from the girls sounding clear inbetween the steady stream of rifle shots.He thought about raising his rifle over the top and let rip a few bursts but thoughrt the better of it as the top of the pile was raked by gunshots.

Then he noticed - the fear was gone and instead a frantic adrenaline high rushed through his head.He suddenly realized he was muttering :"thats right you f***ing asshole seargent motherfu**er!!You aint got a damn thing on me.."
His hand was still shaking though.He saw it ,tried to command it to stop but it wouldnt.

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