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The soldier wiped the tears from his face as he walked down the corridor wiping off what little of the camouflage paint that was still on it. Now he really was alone again.

The soldier considered he was in a village and there were potentially more people here so he had to be cautious. He stopped short of the arched stone doorway that no longer had a door attached to it and knelt he peered out the doorway to survey the crumbling remains of the small town.

Most of the buildings had once been one or two stories except for the tall concrete building reduced to rubble that had just taken the lives of the two polish women was not in view but just around the corner. The streets were fouled with burnt cars. This village had been ruined quite a while ago but that didn't mean it wasn't still dangerous.

He thought that he had should probably leave this village it was far too open and he was very concerned that he had been spotted when he was in the open. He looked left then right and decided to make a dash out of the doorway and take cover behind a derelict car.

He crouched behind the rear end of the small car, didn't hear any gunfire he looked down the cobbled stone street no signs of life. Everything seemed relatively quiet the day was overcast and misty. He continued to leap frog down the street going car to car. He passed the destroyed building with the GAZ truck and didn't look at it.

He made it to the edge of the village with no gunfire and no signs of people. He could see the small pile of trash that he had taken cover behind when he had the shoot out with the Russians soldiers in the distance. On the edge of the woods he could see two pale white shapes hanging from the trees.

What could that be the soldier thought. He had no optic fitted to his rifle so he had to reach into his pack for a small set of civilian hunting binoculars he had brought with him from the states.

He focused the small lenses on the white objects...they were the stripped bodies of the dead Russians hanging from nooses. There pale white skin shown in the gray mist of the day. Someone had come along stripped them and strung them up by there necks! He could see that they were suspended some five feet of the ground. There limbs stuck out at odd angles gripped with rigor.

But why? They must have been placed there so they could be seen. But by who and why so high up? The soldier thought back to the days of his youth hunting dear in norther Michigan. You hand dear up high so wild dogs wouldn't get them. Could these dead Russian soldiers be a sign. A warning perhaps to other Russians.

The soldier decided he wasn't about to go over to the bodies. In fact he didn't want to go that direction at all because had had come from that way. He decided to skirt the edge of the village and circumvent them heading the other direction from the bodies. He peered into the village as he moved looking for movement. He saw nothing but ruined cars,empty buildings and rubble.

He decided to rest behind a small rock wall and he heard sound in the distance. He realized it was the first time he had heard a vehicle! He immediately got a low as possible.

Fuck! who could this be? The sound got louder and from his vantage point he peered from around the edge of the rock wall. The vehicle sound was unusual it didn't sound like car or a truck. It was to rumbly and clanky sounding soon coming down the road on the other side of the village he could see a lone motor cyclist. They where heading directly toward the bodies of the dead Russian soldiers.
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