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Originally Posted by Olefin View Post
Also a factor for the G'Day encounter is how bad communications are in Twilight 2000 - maybe the group in Twilight Encounters is telling the truth as far as they know and Australia got hit after they left - keep in mind the Texas module where veterans from Europe dont find out the Mexicans are in Texas until they get home
That is certainly a consideration. It may well be that the troopers words lacked context, or they themselves simply didn't know the true state of the country - the SAS are based in the west and the other side of the country is several time zones away after all....
Nevertheless, my intention is to do as much damage as I can conventionally before applying any nukes. Hopefully none will be needed to finish the job so it can remain consistent with "G'day", but use of a few warheads certainly won't break canon either. To my mind though, nuking Australia is the lazy way out. Conventional methods make more logical sense, and should make for a better background story.
Originally Posted by Raellus View Post
Remember what Saddam's sabotaging of the Kuwaiti oil fields and refineries did to the regional environment? Smoke/particulates, crude oil in the water. It was an environmental disaster. If your refinery sabotage involves fires, make sure to factor their knock-on effects when T2K'ing Australia..
Indeed, although distances in Australia generally make smoke clouds a minor issue - they've usually dissipated to just a smell in the air and a few additional asthma attacks before reaching anywhere of note. It's the knock-on effects over the following weeks and months that will be a problem - bridges and railways fire damaged, displaced people, lack of food after the crops were burnt, etc.

Once I'm done Australia's going to be a basket case, BUT there'll still be loads of opportunities for PCs to participate in rebuilding. Plenty of factories, mines, etc still in decent condition for example, they just need power, fuel, raw materials, manpower and security. My vision is Australia should be well on the way to recovery by about 2010, and in a position to assist it's neighbours within a few years after that.
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