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The sun was lowering into the western sky. The day had been laborious, and surprisingly humid. Though fall was in full swing, he had been sweating profusely, quickly ridding himself of his water supply. His canteens on his web belt, his canteens on his rucksack. All nearly empty.

His rifle, though light by many standards, was just another large, unwieldy piece of dead weight. Had it not housed the small spears that protect his life, he would have thrown it to the wayside already. His helmet hung high on his head, the chin strap still tight to his chin, however. Whether or not he was fatigued, the soldier was still a soldier, and knew that his helmet was there for a reason(or at least he was told so).

He moved slowly down the road at a snail's pace. Moving quicker would only let him die tired. At least if he was slow, the soldier could see who would be putting the round into him. A light breeze had set in during the early evening, gray skies overtaking the pale sun. All around, the leaves had begun to fall from the browning trees. The woods were darkening more by every minute, and the soldier had lost his way early on. He was still trying to find some sort of landmark that he could identify on the map, however, for the past three days, the soldier had been caught in the forest, dodging the enemy.

It had been five days since his platoon, part of a larger unit hierarchy, was hit along a roadside at the edge of a small village. Hours later, the soldier found himself running, trying to get around the enemy, and get back to his company. This was completely unsuccessful, as he had now finally realized, and he could be anywhere. Only time would tell, he pondered as he trudged down the fire break of the woods.
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