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Originally Posted by copeab View Post
Sorry, didn't mean to sound so negative.

In turn, I apologise for resurrecting a topic you and others probably hope would stay buried.

To start, I was just thinking of getting interested again in this group (I remember when a predecessor was hosted on RPG Now, I think?) and was scrolling down the thread summaries. Mostly, I just wanted to make the point about "Bobbi Lee" (or whoever) because I didn't think it'd been made about the newer editions. I appreciate that this issue can be sensitive to many and provoke an emotional response that isn't conducive to level-headed debate. Plus, sometimes a topic is just played-out for regular list members, something I wasn't aware of.

Reading over your past posts I see you're normally a pretty laid-back and knowledgeable guy, so rest assured I have no particular desire to needlessly antagonise you or land on your shitlist.


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