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A number of them are "specialties" of more general skills like Mechanics or Construction. I hate to sound like a broken record but TW2K13 already solved this with the inclusion of Qualifications in their skill system. A qualification is essentially a "Skill within a Skill." Someone with the Qualification would also have the "parent skill." The classic example from the TW2K13 rulebook is the Medical Skill. "All Surgeons are also Doctors, but NOT ALL Doctors ARE Surgeons."

I ran into an issue with Skill Per Term in V2.2 when using Qualifications so I had to change the way Skills were awarded (to get a more diverse skillset). Under the RAW Skills rules, a person would average just 4 Skill LEVELS per Term with a number of bonus Levels on their 1st Term. This doesn't leave much room to improve Skills let alone Qualifications. So I modified the Skills Received to the system below.

Under the RAW Characteristics rules, I would award a number of EXPERIENCE POINTS equal to the total of EDU, INT, and CHA per Term. The average number of Experience Points would be 15 per Term, given totally average Characteristics.

Under the new Skills System, a Skill is improved by spending a number of EXPERIENCE POINTS equal to the Skill Level you wish to attain. The following Guidelines exist;

1) A Skill Level costs a number of Experience Points equal to the Skill Level you are attempting to gain. ie. If you are trying to get to Medical 3, you must spend 3 Experience Points to go from Skill Level 2.

2) Skill Levels CANNOT BE "SKIPPED!" If you want to have Skill Level 3 in Medical but are currently only at Medical 1, you must buy BOTH Medical Level 2 (for 2 points) and Medical Level 3 (for 3 more points) costing you 5 Experience Points to buy that Skill at Level 3.

3) Professions that provide initial Skill Levels through Initial Training (like Basic Training) now give the Character EXPERIENCE POINTS in those Skills instead. So Small Arms [Rifle] 2 in Basic NOW means that you get 2 EXP in Small Arms [Rifle] NOT 2 Skill Levels.

4) A Character CANNOT spend more PERSONAL EXPERIENCE POINTS on a Skill in a single Term than the LOWEST of their 3 Characteristics used to determine EXP per Term. ie. If CHA is the lowest stat at 3, then the Character may only put 3 Experience Points per term in a given Skill. This EXCLUDES EXP given from Initial Training during a Term. Thus, the Character above could spend 5 EXP on Small Arms [Rifle] during his initial Term in the Army.

5) Experience Points which do not meet the "threshold" for a new Skill Level (ie 4 exp applied to a Skill already at Level 4 with the intention to go to Level 5) are NOT LOST but retained and can be combined with Experience Points awarded in a subsequent Term or even carried over as actual Experience Points into the start of the Game.

You will find that this system will generate broadly skilled Characters who are NOT sporting super high Skill Levels in everything. Once you have sufficient Skills per Term, including Qualifications or breaking Skills into more distinct divisions is easy.
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