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Originally Posted by nduffy View Post
I gave all my teams a resist weave based on spider silk and a spectra fiber combo. I really disliked the one piece coverall so I went with a two piece Vietnam style uniform that was color coordinated to the teams. The exception being Recon, and MARS/ RATT , they got a camo based heavier weave. This made it easy for MP personal to identify each other quickly. They also had berets that color coded and field caps ( WW II style German hats that had color flashes to indicate team affiliation when wearing the beret wouldn't be tactically smart). I also had civilian style cloths in resist weave for recon teams if needed. Just made sense for me...
I really like that. I always figured the one piece was what a team woke up in. As a nod to a certain vault related game. That said I could see Resistweave clothes being a great trade good even if it's a non-military form that is just tougher than cotton and wool.
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