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Well, I don't bother using the Noodle Incident style of story telling because it wouldn't work for my Players. They want answers and would not be satisfied with the GM using that type of technique.
The other reason I don't use it is because I don't think it really translates that well to role-playing games. By that I mean that the impact is typically lost. Many Players won't remember all the details of some event that's narrated to them, they'll remember a few points that they feel are important to them and the rest is forgotten. So in that sense, it's not worth the effort to give them lots of detail but you can't afford to keep things hidden because they won't find the hook to get them interested in the event.

But I'll say it again - know your Players. This storytelling technique doesn't usually work for my game group but that doesn't mean that every Player will be that way.
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