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Default No, but they played with slavers once.

Originally Posted by wolffhound79 View Post
how has anyone roleplayed slavers?
You mean, the PCs were slavers? No. I should hope no one else has either.

I've incorporated them into my campaigns, though. In fact, my players actually ended up helping a town run by slavers to defeat a hostile partisan force led by a Green Beret.

Sandomierz, Poland operates sulfur mines. In my T2Ku, the town was mining the sulfur using slave labor and manufacturing gunpowder, making it a regional power of sorts. The town ORMO was made up of Poles and Red Army deserters. The town's acting mayor was a Polish-speaking ex-Soviet officer. When my players arrived in the Vistula Queen, I gave them all sorts of hints that slavery was practiced in the town (e.g. civilians under armed guard forced to unload the tug, wagon cages full of "prisoners" rolling through town) thinking they would decide to do something about it. To my surprise, they didn't bite. Instead, they agreed to help Sandomierz take on the I.P.A.T. (a partisan force led by an enigmatic Green Beret, the self-styled Hetman of Tarnobrzeg, and the remnants of his A-Team.), based upriver in Tarnobrzeg (the party had already tangled with the I.P.A.T. and decided to finish the job).

EDIT: Looking through the old IC thread (from 2008), I found this- an old priest responding to a question from a PC.

Originally Posted by Twilight Cruise, Ch. 9: Sandomierz
"All men are tyrants in their hearts. The Russian, he is no different. The people of this town are safe and they are grateful. They live in peace and relative prosperity because of the labor of others who are not so fortunate. Human bondage is a sinful practice, to be sure. But the commandant has assured those of us who have raised objections that the laborers are simply serving out a kind of indenture. They are fed, clothed, given shelter; a year of labor in the mines or the fields and they will be given citizenship. We shall see. I visit their camps and they are, on the whole, cared for... adequately. From what I have heard, Tarnobrzeg certainly has no claim to moral high ground. Yet I fear a contest between the two strongmen. This area has been quiet for many months and more death benefits no one but Lucifer. Your group should leave here and be on their way before more blood is shed."
So yeah, much to my dismay, my knowingly players cooperated with slavers.

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