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SHANDON,CA OCT.11th 0834 hrs TEMP : +2C*

The roar from the helicopter engine filling his ears ,and the bitter hatred for the casting agency that had snubbed him when casting Sly as John Rambo in the three-quel filling his mouth with a bitter taste enraged IronMan.

He would have done his own stunts -or most of them anyways- had he been cast.His agent had told him that Sly was no brainer for the third Rambo -as always Hollywood had put money before art.And the deceit.Body doubles in almost every scene .

Speaking of stunts -the ledge of the ravine was coming up fast .
IronMan suddenly found himself wishing that he had a clause for a stunt double for this one.

And he hadn`t even thought of any famous last words .Quickly he ran through some of his favourite lines from his acting career.

"Try breathing without a chest motherfu***r" .He had loved that scene in Karate Hero 4 .
But that wouldnt do today . He needed something with a little more actuality .

An accent would have been cool to. Maybe German.Although Arnold had got that market niche cornered pretty much . The rumours that had circulated about him faking the accent had amused him back then .But Arnold had been big for years when IronMan hit the screen.IronMan had always done good accents. Like the russian one he had done in "Icefist - Gulag Archipelago II " or "Revenge of Solzhenitsyn " -its European and Spanish release title.
That had done well in South America.

He would have to talk to his agent about getting a sequel made .Get a young ,hip script writer on it -or even better - QT.

That would be great.

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