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Default Eureka 29th sept. 2019 +7 C*

The drizzle of rain made the funeral pyres alomng the mainway hiss and splutter. The few hundreds that had turned out to see the 12 fallen heroes be put to rest were shivering and shifting uncomfortably in the rain .Willis stepped up to the hastily erected log podium and cleared his voice in the bullhorn mic.A loud jarring feed back screech filled the evening air ."These 12 men and women bravely lay down their lives for us last night .They fought valiantly in the defense of us all -and they gave all. Lets not see them off here tonight thinking it meant nothing .They saved 40 people from a terrible fate .They saved countless others by eliminating those who prey upon their fellow men .Let them inspire us in this time of darkness so that we may feel the spark in our selves that tells us - survivng is not enough - we shall live as men! Our trials and tribulations are many .Our days seem bleak with toil and looming dangers .But we have something to hold on to here .Look around .See the faces of the people next to you .They are like you, seeking something to hold on to in this storm -someone to lean on . Someone like Padraigh O`Hanrahn who with unselfish zeal and true valour took up the fight against evil .Wounded and bloodied in his hospital bed ,he responded without hesitation to the plight of a desperate mother who had seen her spouse killed and her babies ripped away by the villanous ,heinous,criminals . Without asking anything in return ,acting with te greatest courtesy and dignity he took the field and rallied the righteous to go into the fray. They battled -and were victorious - but not everyone lived to see the triumph of good .

Godspeed to volunteer deputy officer Padraigh O`Hanrahn .We shall need many more of his example in the times to come "

The crowd stood silent for a few minutes more.Then it dispersed slowly , leaving only those weeping few that were related or had known the KIAs.

Padraighs pyre was kept burning well into the morning by the firewood that PAINWOODCO had provided for free.

( Communal wake to be held at the HOUSE OF PAIN BAR from 2000 - 1900 .All beverages 10 % of and free fro all relatives of the fallen)

A bandaged woman with her arm in a sling and two young children carried the logs for it all night .Occasionally they would stand by the flames and warm themselves.The mother always laying her arms around the kids.