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Default Padraigh O`Hanrahn KIA

KIA in an action on the Redwod Highway , south of Fernwood,CA on the
29th.Sept.2019 ca 2315 hrs.

Padraigh O`Hanrahn from "Paddy&Guiness-security and entertainers"
25 volunteer deputies from the city of Eureka
50 volunteers from Gen Pains Praetorians
150 volunteers from House Takashi


1st engagement :app. 200 marauders from "dawgskullz" group

2nd engagement app 40 marauders from "dawgskullz"-stragglers

The engagements took place around Ferndale and on the Redwood Highway.

The plea for help went out from Ferndale -unaffiliated with the Eureka council -the afternoon of the 28th, as a large force of marauders were attacking .A volunteer force responded the afternoon of the 29th and drove of the marauders -who retreated at once opposition of a comparable level materialized.The pursuit was hampered by several IEDs or "roadsides"/"culvert bombs" that had been placed in advance to cover the retreat by the marauders and their leader "Wild Thing". The majority of the casualties came from just one blast directed against the lead vehicles from such a device.

The second engagement took place along the route of escape for the marauders .The advance force of the volunteers encountered an encampment with the marauders slaves and their keepers, that had not been able to keep up with the main force. Unwilling to part with his precious cargo ,the leader had decided to make camp and hope the towns people were to chicken to pursue that far out. Bad mistake .The only surviving gangmember was tried and promptly hung on the 2nd October 2019 in front of an applauding crowd.

Padraigh was killed in the second action .

report :

Took up sniping position -alone- south east of enemy encampment.Engaged the enemy and caused severe casualties and disrupted their defensive plans for several minutes. Sniping position was compromised however ,probably from muzzleblast from anti material rifle ,and supressive fire laid down by the enemy .Much of the fire went wild ,but some rounds were on target.

O`Hanrahn was hit in his left hand by a .50 BMG slug .He immideatly went into shock and blacked out unconscious. He regained consciousness for a few seconds and managed to radio for help .The squad sent to retrive the casualty had a hard time finding his position in the darkness and with his camouflage , as well as having to move several hundred meters in the open during the final moments of the engagement .

Upon reaching O`Hanrahn , the medics tried to stop the bleeding and stabilize his condition .The casualty had bled for a substantial time , and the combat medics had only seconds to treat him before he reached point of no return .Several internal organs were failing , and he went into cardiac arrest . His life could not be saved .

I am unsticking this thread and letting it drift into the void .A new character thread will be posted .

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