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Default Skill Modifiers?

I like the idea of YouTube videos, manuals, and "Expert Systems" which walk you through doing something having a "Mechanical Bonus" during play.

I allow a Manual, Video, or Diagram to give a +1 on a task roll involving a PHYSICAL SKILL (like shooting, flying, or driving) where doing the skill requires practice or repetitive training.

On skills that are "Informational" by nature (understanding basic language phrases, diagnosing symptoms, or how to operate a radio), I allow a LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY SHIFT, provided the task isn't TOO complex.

This assumes the manual user has the time to thoroughly read or watch the video and can reference the material as they are doing the task in question (my player's medic loves his Physician's Desk Reference of Diseases manual).

How do you handle so-called "tutorials" during play?
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