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If it's a regular sized Römertopf, I think we're gonna have a hard time fitting 2 x chicken inside it. But we can try!

I heartily agree that it's a fine kitchen utensil, and fully stand by deCorbas endorsement of its use. Hell yeah, I own three of these myself, and would love to prepare a chicken au lemon or similar. Succulent and palatable!

Originally Posted by FMDeCorba View Post
Gentlemen, I suggest once more the preeminent kitchen utensil the host has in his kitchen: the indomitable roman clay pot.

Not only does the food practically make itself, there is little risk of over-cooking and its all-in-one practicality makes it the ideal choice for a nerd-a-thon dinner.

In addition, there is an ample supply of recipes on the producer´s homepage:

(I should have been a salesman, I just convinced myself!)
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