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Originally Posted by B.T.
Hi there, everybody!

I served as a conscript in the German Bundeswehr for 15 month (From 1985 to 1986). Although we were adressed as "Panzergrenadier", we were "Jäger". We were equipped with the M 113, but normally marched without our PCs.

Most conscripts had a very bad training, but I served in an unit, that should be one of the first at the inner-German frontier, if there had been a war. Well, luckily there was none and I'm more than glad, that it came out that way.

Compared to other German units, our training was good enough.

You didn't have an American M 577 attach itself to your unit in the '86 REFORGER exercise, did you?
If so, It was our company Operations Sergeant.
"It's in russian it say's "front towards enem......."
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