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Hello all. I looked for the best place to do an introduction and was unable to find anywhere that looked as good or better than this. So...please don't misconstrue this as an attempt to brag or beat my chest in an attempt to belittle others.

My name is Eddie Thomas. No reason to hide it as it's in the publication credits for Twilight: 2013 and it's going to become quickly apparent that I found this place through that medium.

I'm an Infantry officer in the United States Army currently on Active Duty at Schofield Barracks, HI. I've been in the Army for a total of eleven years with a small break in service to get my degrees. I started off as an enlisted man before I had said break in service and then went to OCS after completing college.

My qualifications include a myriad of things, to include Ranger School, Sniper School, Basic Airborne, Air Assault, Infantry Mortar Leader's Course, Stryker Leader's Course, Sniper Employment, and a few other piddly schools. I've served in 3rd Bn, 75th Ranger Regiment; 2nd BDE, 10th Mountain Division; 2nd BDE, 25th Infantry division; and a couple of TRADOC units that I prefer not to mention. I just returned five days ago from the [dripping sarcasm]wonderful vacation spot[/dripping sarcasm] known as Iraq. My most important claim from that deployment? The only soldier that I didn't bring back with me, I lost due to him dislocating his kneecap playing football on Christmas Eve in 2008 and going home three months early.

My non-military education includes two Bachelors degrees in Management and Finance, and I'm currently attempting to complete the last three classes I need for my Physics degree. However, it'll be some time before I'm capable of doing that without losing lots of credits through transferring schools.

Writing and publication credits to me, I've done a little bit of consultation work and minor writing up until T2K13. Most of these were with Clayton in the Spycraft line for the Militaries series of books and some of it was with the Stargate line, though most of that was pushed through by another friend.

Outside of work and education, I have three children ranging from 6-12, help out on their soccer teams and I've taught jujutsu since 2002.

So you can see, I've led a pretty eventful life and have a wide experience base to draw on. I consider myself no expert on any subject, but I'm pretty damned knowledgeable when it comes down to it.

I look forward to adding to this community and already see some names that look familiar to me.
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