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Default Creating NPCs / vehichles

I have a few NPCs and vehichles to be created.
Can you assist me in this task, Mr.Pain?

The vehicles to be created are:
Tour bus - partly (light-) armored, armed, desinged mainly for passenger and portable gym transport.
5 ton truck - unarmored, armed, designed for carrying circus tent, generator, still, audio equipment, smoke machine and other heavy gear.

NPCs to be created:
*) Cutman / make-up artist / Audio manager
*) Female secretary / manager / light show manager
*) Bodyguard / driver / stunt co-ordinator
*) Roadie / mechanic / Smoke machine manager

All NPC will have a score of 8 in the following diciplines:
Uanrmed combat (all types)
Armed combat (blades)
Thrown weapon

In addition to scores/stats applicable for their profession.

Hope you can help.
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