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Originally Posted by Adm.Lee View Post
I just noticed this part. If I may ask, who or what is in the British "PRG" (Parachute Ready Group), as opposed the 1 Para Brigade?
The Parachute Regiment Group was an ad-hoc Brigade formed using the Parachute Regiment Regimetal HQ & the three TA Para Bns……
See page 46 & 126 of my document

Prior to 1989, the original GDP 83 (1983)called for one TA Para Bn in the City with 19IB outside the City. Each year the plan was tweaked with eventually all three TA Para Bns as 19IB moved from 3AD to 4AD (circa 1986). It was quickly realized that they needed their own HQ instead of being controlled direct from 1AD.
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