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Default Civilain modified vehicles

I am good with it and it makes sense to a certain degree, you could get a lot more civilian vehicles and modify them without turning too many heads, and acquire more vehicles and parts more readily. That's why I do like the Unicat/ Unimog concept and expeditionary vehicle concept . Also the US military during the 80s and 90s were still using Chevy/GM off the shelf vehicles, The CUCV series. Drove one for many years. There are tons of those still floating around that have gone to the civilian side. I could easily see the MP buying and modifying civilian vehicles for certain uses and teams. Non combat teams could easily and readily be equipped with civilian trucks and SUVs as well as any other vehicle that could be modified for MP use. Under the guise of a company or corp. the project could buy off the shelf vehicles and modify them as they see fit Even building armored vehicles for the civilian/ commercial market and using the profits to buy and build MP vehicles.
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