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I am very familiar with HEMTTS, we called them draggin waggins. There is a guy that turned one into a camper. He has a pretty cool blog. Also the new tank haulers the US army uses the Oshkosh M-1070 has a lot of potential, with and with out the trailer. I saw a variant with a box on it (mil van) and saw one converted to civilian use as a camper and one as an oil field truck. They can haul quit a lot of stuff. When testing them out they went head to head with a top of the line Peterbilt and pulled an M-1 up to the top of Pikes Peak. The Peter never made it. Lots of room under that hood for a fusion PP or nuclear battery stack. Also the Pallet Carrier version has some serious potential as a MP vehicle. Lots you can do with it. One vehicle, multi modules ...
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