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Originally Posted by fightingflamingo
I worked on the vehicle losses for the DC Group, in consultation with my compatriots... We did not use the current Iraq War, or the 1990 Persian Gulf War... the loss model was developed from statistical experience during world war II (although admittedly we had to make some judgement calls), additionally, we figured in recovery rates (from the Arab Israel Wars in 1967 and 1973), new vehicle delivery (based on the industrial mobilization chico mentioned above, and doctrinal industrial mobilization schedules), as well as field & depot battlefield vehicle recovery rates... in the previous mobilization for war document we touch on how crews would be replaced as that document details the number of recruits turned out on an annual basis (again based upon coldwar era mobilization doctrine), and specifies the armor training sites.

It may not be perfect, and grad school has interfered with my completing the other vehicle types and losses listed on the first page, but it's a start...
It's good to hear from you again, FF. I'm reassured that you're not using the Gulf Wars. The '73 Yom Kippur is probably a much better model, due to the various AT weapons fielded and the large tank v. tank engagements on the Golan Heights. It's like you've covered all of the salient factors in your modelling.

Thanks for posting your work for us to look at.

EDIT: Unfortunately, when I open the file, most of what I see is odd, scrambled characters. Darn it!
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