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Originally Posted by kalos72 View Post
Ok so lets assume some of these newer vehicles would be sent overseas as replacements, I doubt they would WANT to sent 8000 M113's to mainline troops in Europe unless they HAD to. So where do you store them?

Any suggestions, real or storyline driven are welcome.
Well...any aircraft would be stored in hardened air shelters. Given that helos can be put on roller-wheels to move them in and out of storage, and an unarmed AH-1 series bird has a really narrow cross section, you could probably pack quite a few inside an HAS. So basically anywhere there was a surviving air shelter is where you could keep them. Otherwise, a warehouse, etc. would do.

Same goes for armored vehicles: a warehouse, etc. would suffice. Anywhere you could string concertina wire and set up defensive points, and be assured of little or no observation by enemy troops would do the trick for a "vehicle depot". I'm not sure what the weight considerations would be but a multi-storey parking garage might do: Bremen, for example, was missed in the nuclear strikes of '97 (and earlier) and may well have some civilian parking garages that would suffice for lighter armored vehicles. Don't know that I'd stick a bunch of Leo-IIIs on the top deck of one of those though...
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