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Not quite what you were probably after but at one time I tried the idea of having a piece of equipment, vehicle, etc. etc. suffer one more level of Wear for every critical failure that was suffered while using it - if the circumstances were appropriate (it doesn't make sense to give 1 Wear to a vehicle for a critical failure of Navigation on the part of one of the passengers for example).

The idea works but it means extra book-keeping, something that most players didn't want to do (so I did myself until that campaign ended).
And there lies the biggest hurdle, it seems that more so than in the previous three decades, players want to do as little actual work as they possibly can, they don't want to do any book-keeping if they can get away with it.
Now I know I'm making a broadsweeping generalization but except for old-school players and those few who like some "meat on the bone" in their rpg rules, the modern audience seems to have no interest in taking play to that level.

I like the idea of tracking individual Wear on the various vehicle parts and as mentioned in other threads I do like a more sophisticated rules set (without getting complicated or too granular) but I'd baulk at trying to keep track of Wear for the various types of vehicles and/or the amount of time they've been used for. So I agree, a single formula to calculate wear would be a more playable solution but I'm damned if I can think of one - other than running it along the lines of perhaps Fatigue?
But then you'd have to track the hours of heavy, medium, light work...
More book-keeping but I like the idea of jumping off from a mechanic that's already in use in the game.
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