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Default Proposal: Engineering Teams

In my own version of the Project, I long ago, decided to go with two levels of engineering teams, State and National/Regional. Over the years, Iíve had any players whoíve wanted to play as engineers, so while Iíve doodled and noted, never really sat down and wrote up a description. So for your reading pleasure, here goes!

As always, grips, cheers, tears and flames are cheerfully welcomed!

A State (or Group) Engineer Team is a fairly large group with 30 personnel assigned, and equipped with three V-150 APCs (armed with .50 caliber HMG), a 5-ton tractor-trailer loaded with two backhoes, a 5-ton tractor-trailer loaded with a bulldozer (D-5 Cat), two 5-ton dump trucks, and three 5-ton cargo trucks loaded with engineering supplies (armed with .50 caliber HMG).
This is a very bare-bones organization, intended more for light duties such as road clearing, bridge repair, facility construction, demolitions work, etc..

The National/Regional Engineer Team is a very different breed. At this level, they are concerned with major projects such as bridge construction, dam repair, airfield clearing and construction, harbor clearing and dredging, etc.. From my reading on this subject, this would involve large numbers of personnel and equipment. Trying to impose a upper limit, Iím going with a team of up to 150-200 personnel, operating from a base located near their primary mission objective. This type of team would not be strategically mobile without a lot of assistance.

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