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From what I read (but as I said I read it lightly) I found the US position too passive at the political level (that might be true for every country in the timeline). It seems only concerned with its agenda, not taking into account what happens around it (not even the threat on its agenda).

France get 10000 killed and I haven't read a word on a US reaction about it (or anyone else by the way). I'm not thinking especially of a military action, but you'll have a political one: at the local level, at the European level, at the US level and at the international level (UN). The investigation seems to be carried out by France alone while I'll view the pressure on Belarus to come from all sides (Russia and China included).

Moreover, they definitely split Europe and US and I don't see this as realistic. Again from my understanding it seems that Europe is talking through NATO (unlikely as US remain the main contributor).

Russia attack Ukraine and again US doesn't move (Ok about Georgia but Ukraine is a different matter). In my timeline, US doesn't move either but Ukraine was the prime aggressor.

In south America, US doesn't seem to really stand with Colombia, it's most important current ally in the Region.

Finally, there are no true military build up before the war. I made that same mistake (considering its one) but I correct it since one of you made the point (and that is a very good point I think).

However, this opinion was made from a quick reading so I might be mistaken. That's the feeling I'm getting. I'll be reading it again when I get some time so.

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