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Default Insight on 2013 timeline? Smokewolf?

Of course, that is if you don't mind Kato as this is still a twilight 2000 forum. However, I have some questions for smokewolf and he seems ready to answer.

Then, I start with 2008 where I see one thing which isn't clear:

Ban is made on Chinese products but how come is it possible that it touches all of them? Ok, it killed a senator grand son, but I would care about a senator's grand son only as long as it doesn't have too much consequences on my own kids (sorry about him).

What about India, wouldn't they try to take part of it over? I realize that US citizens are often forgetting about India but that country is currently in the process of taking China's place in many area. All of my US friends involved in business are currently opening branches in India.

China gets skyrocketing unemployment and we get a terrible economical and supply crisis. Fine. What about the people in western countries? I doubt the fact that they stay idle. What about the Chinese government? How is it possible that the Chinese kindly organized the Olympics? Don't they intend anything about US and Europe? Wouldn't it be possible for them to ask for the US debt to be payed off? Can you give more elements about the electronic? What about South Korea on that matter? What about Russia?

So you understood that the consequences from the chinese product ban is the weak point I see from that year. I'll be more than happy to see something. One last thing, what about the financial crisis and the effect on public economies worldwide?

For everything else on that year I find everything more than possible. Actually, at some point I feared a near famine in western countries in real life.
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