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Default An Alternate Initiative System

Another way to do a quick and dirty "Semi-Randomized" Initiative would be to generate an "Initiative Bonus" and add this to a 1D6 roll (for either a 5 or 6 second round).

I would generate it by adding INT and AGL to a 1D10 roll and then Dividing the total by 10 (rounding down). This formula could be modified by Career Paths like the formula I use is (and which is listed in the post above).

This Initiative Modifier would be added to a 1d6 roll to determine the number of Initiative Steps you can act in. You could either limit the Modified Die Roll to a maximum of 6 or let it be higher if you wanted to allow more actions per round. This system could be used to represent EITHER "Actions per round" or "The Number Of Seconds (in essence "action points") Worth of Actions You Can Perform In A Round." It would work very well with Admiral Lee's "poker chip" system. Just give the player a number of poker chips equal to his initiative roll, and he gives them back as he declares his actions. You could even make certain actions (like reloading, aimed shots or shooting at longer than short range) "cost" more actions/chips.

This would be a fairly fast and easy Alternative Initiative System for the game.

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