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Minor differences - hardly

V1 - North Korea and South Korea
V2- United Korea that is US Ally but somehow the US still takes losses to North Korean units (which was clearly a sign of a rushed edit and copying from the V1 US Vehicle Guide)

V1- Japan sits out the war, Soviet units in Vietnam
V2- Japan not only participates in the war but gets nuked big time. Vietnam has a US division stationed there at the beginning of the war and there is no mention of Soviet units there at all

V1 - Iran is a US ally, Iranian forces allied with the US against the Soviets
V2 - Iran has no govt at all, no mention of Iranian forces allied with US against the Soviets

V1 - no mention of Argentine or Brazilian war at all- and clearly a nuclear war of any kind isnt mentioned
V2 = Argentina and Brazil fight a nuclear war between themselves

V1 - France comes out of the war in good shape
V2 - France has the south under criminal control and the mountain areas in open revolt against the central govt - but somehow is sending troops overseas instead of trying to restore order

I would say thats more than just minor differences after 1995
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