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Originally Posted by Fusilier
I guess if they went with total nuke exchange the game wouldn't be what it is. There would be no hope for rebuilding and no point in tackling the missions in the modules. It would less a military RPG and more of a - extend your suffering by X number of weeks.
There's definitely that.

Also, I think part of the justification for limiting the number of targets in the canon write-up was the avoidance of a general MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) nuclear war by keeping both nuclear powers from intentionally going after too many of their respective enemy's strategic nuclear assets.

It was a slippery slope since some strategic nuclear targets (silos, command and control, airfields for strategic bombers, sub pens, etc.) look like they were targeted. However, it sounds and looks like it was a onesy-twosie sort of tit-for-tat type deal rather than a "let's launch one big crippling attack" sort of thing.

If either side felt they were about to lose all of their nuclear weapons due to enemy strikes, they would have unleashed all of their birds, prompting an equally massive counter-strike. This would have resulted in MAD and not much of a game world to play in/on.

Kato, any chance of putting all of your finalized strike maps up in one thread- maybe as a sticky?
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