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I know that the Brits used tripod-mounted M2HB .50 caliber HMGs for impromptu air defense during the Falklands campaign. In a T2K scenario, especially a v1.0 continuation, it stands to reason that the Australians would supplement their Redeyes, Rapiers, RBF-70s, and Bofors guns with same.

I haven't checked my memory, but IIRC, Indonesian air power (both fixed wing and rotary) was not something to be particularly feared c.1996 (IRL), so it probably wouldn't give the RAAF and Australian army AAD forces too much trouble. I can't imagine that there are many- if any- airfields in western Papua that could accommodate modern jet fighter-bombers. Even if so, keeping said airfields supplied with fuel, parts, and advanced weaponry would be difficult to say the least.
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