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No 40mm bofors left in Australia in T2K - out of service nearly 30 years with most either scrapped, or deactivated (welded up and parts removed) and turned into memorials in parks and outside RSL (Returned Services League) clubs. There's a very good chance the old Redeye's would have been destroyed, although I can't find any details of their disposal (another question I have to ask of the relevant people I suppose).
The Indonesians don't really have a problem with airfields as the front is right on their doorstep. The Anzac forces have a bit further to go, but it's still well within range of the available aircraft with most probably based in either Darwin, Port Moresby, or RAAF Base Curtin at Derby.
Neither side has enough air power to gain air superiority (Australia's defence has always relied on the idea of a more powerful ally coming to their aid - initially Great Britain, and then the US from WWII onwards). It won't take long before both sides are either shot out of the sky, or simply unable to replace/repair aircraft with parts and replacements being sent to either Europe, Korea or the Middle East.
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