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What do you think about the AKMR described in various incarnations of T2K? Is it a part of your T2K universe; do you use it in your campaign?

As far as I know, the AKM was never rechambered for the Soviet's 5.45mm cartridge in any significant number. This is the premise behind the AKMR, as desribed in canon.

In my mind, it makes more sense- short term, at least- to keep manufacturing 7.62mm S for the existing stock of Red Army and WTO AKMs than it does to recall all of those weapons and rechamber them. For that reason, I don't use the AKMR in my T2K U. Instead, deep reserve Soviet army units, and other WTO nations still use the original AKM. The Poles have introduced their own AK-74 clone, the Wz 88 Tantal in 5.45mm but many of their units still use the AKM.

Your thoughts?
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