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In my T2k setting the Soviets and Warsaw Pact nations adopted alot of policies to get their economy to recover from all the problems that Gorby inherited and tried to fix, and in our world caused their society to collapse. Looking at what the PRC has done, and been making great strides at catching up with the west. In my setting Danilov adopted policies just like the PRC has done in our world. This allowed the Warsaw Pact and its memberstates economies to bounce back and actually become a threat to the West. So much so that when the Sino-Soviet war broke out, the West would throw so much support to the Chinese. All of the other USSR-PRC border disputes that had happened in the past was all but ignored by the west. But why did the US and their allies get so involved with this one?

That's why my campaign had the West throw so much support behind the PRC during the Sino-Soviet War... The PRC might have been a major violator of human rights, and taken the place of the USSR in financing the support of leftwing groups in Africa, Central America and South America since the USSR had stopped funding them in an effort to save their money to invest into policies to save their own economy.
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