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Lets not forget how frugal the russians are, they simply modified their existing 7.62X54 round to the 7.62X39 round.

The 5.54 round is a fat lil bugger that is necked down. I will concede that the bolt face may need to be changed and maybe the magazine, not completely sure on that however.

But the mag well, the AK doesn't have one, its a clip/clamp type afare. But none the less, getting an almost new rifle for such small changes that could be farmed out to smaller shops is still quite easy, when to get a new weapon the simple swapping out of a barrel, and replacing the bolt/boltface or even bolt carrier group is still a pretty easy thing, especialy if you are doing it to weapons that will be going back to the factory to be rebuilt or stand for depot level repairs.

Magazines can be issued at the unit anytime before or after the new weapons are issued. The bolt face could be issued to the troops too either before or after, where they can swap them in all of a minute. The hard part is the barrel, that would require a barrel wrench, a vice, torque guages and a headspace guage and check.
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