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Originally Posted by kcdusk View Post
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Most sub machine guns have a damage rating of "2". What is different about the M177 that it has a damage rating of "3"?
Well, the M-177 is firing a rifle bullet as opposed to the pistol round of submachineguns. But I do give it a damage rating of 2 -- but the penetration is 1-Nil, while most submachineguns have a penetration of Nil. Using that short barrel to fire a rifle bullet has a high cost on the muzzle velocity of the round. (Technically, the M-177 is a "short-barreled assault rifle" instead of a submachinegun.)

Here's another wrinkle to firing a rifle round in a short-barreled weapon -- it will leave behind a ton of unburned propellant as well as carbon in the barrel and muzzle device. Not sure how to handle this T2K-wise (other than assign a higher chance of misfire to a dirty weapon).
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