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I am looking for a way to showcase the best that our forum has to offer to our new members. After much thought I decided that I should leave it in the hands of our great membership. This might help mitigate a problem that any popular forum has. True gems may get pushed off the front page and forgotten.

I would like to keep this list pretty lean so at the moment I am requesting that members pick one thread that they consider really useful and indicative of what new members can expect from this forum.

Below is a code example of how to link to a thread. The thread number can be found in the link to the thread. example number)

[thread=264]Alternative Fuels[/thread]

If you cant get the link to work don't worry I will fix it.

This is my choice
Alternative Fuels by Mohoender - An in depth discussion of what alternative vehicle fuels might be used in the T2k world.

Once we get five threads I will add a link to this thread from the new members thread.

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