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Nice adds to your website Paul. There is one change you should consider making to your S&W entry on the M&P though. I get the impression that you feel the SDVE is a "development" of the M&P (or vice versa). The M&P is a development of the Walther P99's action and is NOT related to the S&W Sigma series now known as the SDVE or "Value Series."

The Sigma was actually a copy of the Glock "Safe Action" (so much so that Glock sued and now gets $15 for every SDVE sold) with a "hinged trigger" instead of the Glocks "trigger safety lever" in the face of the trigger. The trigger was also a medium length of pull with an 8lb weight of pull. There is no magazine disconnector safety on the SVDE/Sigma series, nor is it equipped with interchangeable backstraps. It does possess a Picatinny rail, though. The weapon's takedown is similar to a Glock's. The SDVE only comes in one size (with a 7.2" length using a roughly 4" barrel). Its magazines are NOT interchangeable with the M&P series.

The M&P follows a trigger system developed by Walther and that trigger is visually similar to the Glock (unlike the Sigma's hinged trigger). This trigger has a short length of pull and a 5.5lb pull weight. There is a magazine disconnector safety and a thumb safety is optional. This pistol also has a PIC rail and interchangeable backstraps. Its takedown is different in that you must depress the plunger for the magazine safety in order to disassemble the pistol. Inserting a mag during reassembly pushes up the plunger for the mag safety. Its magazines are NOT interchangeable with the SDVE/Sigma Series.

So, as you can see, the two pistols are actually separate designs in both form and function.

Also, S&W has the .380 Bodyguard in general production (you can find them everywhere) as a replacement for the Sigma Concealment .380 ACP model (which had some reliability issues). This pistol has replaced the older SigmaC in .380 (currently in your M&P listing) while the Shield has replaced the SigmaC in 9mmP. Both the SigmaC .380 ACP AND single column 9mmP Sigma Concealment models are easily identified by their "magazine release tabs" on either side of the grip at the bottom and a lack of sights (they have a "sight trough" instead) on the slide.
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