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14 May 18

In Chinese Assault Rifles, The QTS-11 has been added to the Norinco QBZ-03 entry.

In US Assault Rifles D-F, the F-1 Firearms BDR-15-G3 has been added.

In Italian Pistols - Beretta, the APX has been added.

In US Pistols A, under the AMT/Galena Automag Series, the .41 JMP chambering has been added.

In International SA Shotguns, the Armscor VR60 has been added.

In Italian Double & Single-Barrel Shotguns A-Be, the Benelli 828U has been added.

In US BA Sporting Rifles B-C, the Barrett Fieldcraft has been added.

In US BA Sporting Rifles E-I, the Henry Mini-Bolt has been added.

In Belgian SA Sporting Rifles, the Mark 2 Safari and Mark 3 Safari have been added to the Browning BAR entry. (This entry may be broken up in the future.)

In Italian Single-Shot & Double Sporting Rifles, the Cimarron 1874 Sharps Sporting Rifles have been moved here from their incorrect place in US Single-Shot and Double Sporting Rifles A-D. The Uberti M1885 High Wall has been added.

In US Single-Shot & Double Sporting Rifles R-Z, the Chipmunk entry has been redesignated the Rogue River Chipmunk and moved here from US Single-Shot & Double Rifles A-D. The Savage Cub Youth has been added.

In British Sniper Rifles, the AX PSR has added to the Accuracy International AW Rifles. (Don't be surprised if this mega-entry gets broken up for next time.)

Firearms firing .45-70 and .32-20 have had their stats corrected.

In Swiss Submachineguns, the Brugger & Thomet APC/APS has been added.

In Blackpowder Handguns, the Maynard US Model 1855 has been added.

In Russian Rocket Launchers, The MRO has been added to the RPO entry.

In Israeli SAMs, the Tamir has been added.

In British Tracked APCs, the Warrior 2000 has been removed from the FV-510 entry The Warrior 2000 has been moved to Best APCs That Never Were. Both entries have been expanded and ciorrected.

In Serbian SP Artillery, The Yugoimport Alekander, and M09 have been added. The M03 version of the B-52 NORA has been added; in the MTI 30/04 SORA 122, several corrections and new information has been added, along with the SORA-C version.

In South African SP Artillery, the Denel/GDLS LAV III/T7 has been added. The Denal T5 entry has been renamed to the T5-52 Condoir Entry, and has both the versions with the 52-caliber and 45-caliber guns. The LIW G6 Rhino has had sever subsections added, including G6/52, Al-Manjoon/All-Fao, and G6 1A3.

In South Korean SP Artillery, The K9 Thunder has been greatly expanded and has had new information added and stats corrected. In addition, the K9A1 and now-drawing-board XK9A2 versions have been added, as well as the Turkish T-155 Firtina version.

In Swedish SP Artillery, the Bofors Bandkanon 1 has been greatly expanded and stats corrected, and the Bofors FH77AD Archer has been expanded and has had stats corrected, and the FH77BD and FH77BW have been added.

In Best Light Combat Vehicles That Never Were, the M1072 Clark Fighting Vehicle was added.

A new Howitzer Rounds page has been made; this is largely the new format I will use, though I may add to it in the future, and it is still very much a page under construction.
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