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Originally Posted by nuke11 View Post
Here are my numbers for Load #4

LOAD #4 4th Edition target : 18.82kg

1 M10 w/12 mags = 2.83 kg + 13x0.62 kg : 10.89 kg
I notice your weight for the M10 is 2.83kg while TM 1-1 lists 2.84kg which equates to exactly the error margin (0.01kg) I'm getting for this specific loadout. I'm curious where the 2.83 figure originates, every source I've found thus far lists 2.84. (I discounted the 13th magazine)

I know it's only a hundredth but if I can't get the numbers to come out correctly using given data (TM 1-1 loadouts) then I can't have much confidence in new figures I generate.

Any updates for USGI munitions and ordinance, such as the M6A1, would be appreciated. Most of my Army TM Data Sheets are from the mid-80s and 90s which will work for the first 2 updates but not the last
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