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Originally Posted by RN7 View Post
But the whole of T2K game is unlikely, and even more so the outcome in 2300AD if you like to follow that future history.

Mexico taking the whole US South-West and keeping it is the biggest, but there are nationalist/ethnic conflicts and historical land grabs going on everywhere.

The Soviets invading China and occupying Manchuria. The West Germans unifying (invading) East Germany. Italy invading Austria. France invading Germany and the Netherlands (remember Napoleon). Quebec in Canada supported by the French. The Republic of Ireland in invading Northern Ireland. Scottish and Welsh nationalist uprisings in Britain. In 2000 the Soviet states and army units are starting to break up along ethnic lines.

The Germans actually have some historical claim to much of modern Poland and more. In 1945 Alsace-Lorraine was transferred back to France, Malmedy to Belgium and the Sudetenland to Czechoslovakia. The German border with Poland was shifted west to the Oder-Neisse Line, with Silesia and most of Pomerania transferred to Poland and East Prussia divided between Poland and Russia. That is about 100 years shorter than the last Mexican-American War and the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo.

Until 1970 the West German government which was very democratic and very liberal adhered to the Hallstein Doctrine, which refused to recognise the legitimacy of the German Democratic Republic or have any diplomatic relations with any other country who did excluding the USSR because they had to. West Germany also refused to recognise the legitimacy of the Oder-Neisse line and the loss of German territories under the terms of the Potsdam Conference in 1945. The nationalist West German military officers who plotted German unification with their East German counterparts right under the noses of their own governments, both Superpowers and all the other members of NATO and the Warsaw Pact are far from democratic and liberal.

If you think the German Army is not strong enough to hold some territory in Poland look at the size of it. Post Omega it is by far the biggest component of NATO in Western and Central Europe and that's just looking GDW's orbat in Going Home which omitted a lot of units which would or likely still exist as well as Austrian units. The French have not moved east of the Rhine since 1998, and are having trouble with German and Dutch patriots/terrorists west of the Rhine. Poland is a divided political and military mess. Even a unified Polish army would have no hope against the Germans. Most Soviets Army units in Poland and most of Europe beyond the Soviet borders (and even within) are not even obeying orders from what is left of the Soviet high command. Unlike many other armies in Europe the Germans have an intact command structure and its forces are fully under its control.
FYI I never agreed with Mexico keeping as much of the Southwest and Texas as they did either - for a big reason that much of what they took is dependent on water coming from the north in areas under US control - so any chance of them holding CA north of San Diego and the Imperial Valley is a zero chance - not unless they can build massive desalinization plants or have gas to ship millions of gallons of water northward.

And I agree with you about the Germans - especially the area taken from Germany between Poland and the current German border - basically there is nothing left to stop the Germans from taking that area and holding it - especially after the US Army gives up that amount of armor, ammo, etc. to the Germans.
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