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Default Why Bother?

To add to my point, I don't even see a strong motivation for the Germans to head east in the first place. By 2001, we're talking about historical claims that are over 50 years old. On the T2K map, I don't see a single Soviet or Polish units on post-1945 OR pre-1996 German soil as of 2001. What would be the point?

Why rekindle the most destructive war in the history of the world just to reclaim pre-1945 territories? Is German (or, more specifically, Prussian) nationalism going to be so strong in 2001, that the German public would support a "restore Grossdeutchland" war politically, logistically, or militarily when the extant country is currently in serious disarray AND post-1945/pre-1997 German territory is occupied by a foreign power? How many German soldiers still alive in 2001 would be willing to risk their lives to retake Prussia? IMHO, these are purely rhetorical questions, because there are no compelling answers.
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