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Originally Posted by Raellus View Post
To add to my point, I don't even see a strong motivation for the Germans to head east in the first place. By 2001, we're talking about historical claims that are over 50 years old. On the T2K map, I don't see a single Soviet or Polish units on pre-1945 OR pre-1996 German soil as of 2001. What would be the point?

Why rekindle the most destructive war in the history of the world just to reclaim pre-1945 territories? Is German nationalism going to be that strong in 2001 to support such a "restore Grossdeutchland" war politically, logistically, or militarily when the country is in disarray AND post-1945/pre-1997 German territory is occupied by a foreign power? IMHO, these are purely rhetorical questions, because there are no compelling answers.
Keep in mind that is why the last NATO offensive was launched in 2000 - to gain control of the Baltic coastline and much of the area that used to be part of Germany

So given that, now heavily reinforced with the entire remaining US armored force as well as most of their AA and artillery they may decide to do that again - at the very least using the excuse of rescuing the cutoff American and Canadian units - and then deciding now that we are here we are staying

and the remaining Soviet units are for the most part done with the war - if the Germans attacked they may just say the hell with it and head for home - yes there are lots of Soviet and Polish units left - but almost none of them are still loyal to the various HQ's

and the Germans arent stupid - they arent going for Warsaw or Lodz or the Soviet border -and they wont try to go for Konigsberg or East Prussia in any way - those places the Soviets would fight for
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