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Smile Cell/Smart phones & Tablets in Twilight? Don't laugh...

Quick question, and probably sounds silly, but do any of you allow cell or smart phones in your Twilight games which are set later than 2000?

What I'm asking is not a fully functional smart phone, or tablet for that matter, obviously networks would be down, carriers would not be providing service, but...and it's a big but...what if the phone was off when the EMPs happened? It would still work... Right?

I mean, obviously with limited functionality, but if they could keep them charged it would provide some useful offline apps (any requiring a connection would be hosed) and perhaps a little entertainment? Calculators would be useful, a downloaded Survival manual, chess, perhaps an offline language tutor, etc, etc...

Just a thought, as I'm looking at moving the timing of my game to Twilight 2018, so most of the worst of it didn't start until, what, 2010 ish?

Smart phones in their infancy started appearing around 1992-1995, so this idea would not be viable for Twilight 2000 as things were already in an uproar by then, but it would certainly be possible for instances where everything started to fall apart 10-15 years later...

As I said, not fully functional, this is merely as a side interest, something we could assume was being utilized in downtime, but one of my players mentioned it, and it got me thinking...

What do you think?

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